With the emergence of Cannabidiol (CBD) industry, it is developing into a new independent market. You might notice your friends, health-savvy family members, and magazine ads talking about it. Are you wondering what it is? Medical science is using CBD to treat anxiety, pain, muscular strains, and many other diseases. People often use CBD Vape Cartridges for smoking purposes too.

However, it has a close link with the cannabis industry – hemp, which is raising many questions in the minds of the people. Likewise, the association with THC is also raising many legal concerns since many people fail to understand the difference between the two. So, to clear the smoke, let us help you understand the differences between Hemp and THC. But before we begin, let us tell you about an emerging professional field associated with cannabis.

Cannabis Nursing

With an evolving public opinion and widespread benefits of hemp, cannabis nursing is a profession now. Unlike marijuana, an increasing number of states are passing laws supporting the legal use of cannabis to help medical experts. Hemp is an ideal ingredient of medicines because of its incredible properties. If you wish to pursue something different in your career like Cannabis Nursing, then first start with BSN to DNP programs online to become a professional nurse.

Difference Between HEMP vs. THC?

The term ‘hemp’ describes non-intoxicating cannabis harvested for industrial products – food, rope, clothing, etc. Hemp classifies a variety of cannabis that contains 0.3% of THC – a chemical for producing marijuana. THC has the power to activate brain receptors, affecting a person’s memory, movements, thinking, and perception. Due to its overwhelming effects on the human body, marijuana is illegal, which is why THC’s presence in hemp is raising concerns.

For further clarification, here are some factors which differentiate hemp from THC.

1.  Chemical Composition

Marijuana consists of more than 0.3% THC that can easily make a person high. Thus, the more THC you consume, the more considerable changes you will witness in your cognitive abilities and functioning of the body. In short, the chemical composition of THC gets you high, whereas hemp works differently. These are cannabis plants with anti-bacterial properties to treat various medical conditions and diseases. Even though it has the presence of THC, but it doesn’t have a noticeable impact. Hence, a vast difference lies in the chemical composition of the two.

2.  Usage

Humans have been harvesting cannabis plants for many thousand years for their psychoactive potential. Surprisingly, these are popular as marijuana plants because of their high THC content. People use it to manufacture drugs, alcohol, cocaine, and other things. Anyhow, hemp also has a small component of THC but usually utilized for making fabric, textiles, food, and flowers. It also has a significant contribution to the healthcare sector because of its active use in CBD products.

3.  Appearance

We won’t say hemp and THC are poles apart, but there are several more differences, including their appearance. The majority of THC compounds are from cannabis plants, which are present inside the cannabis flower. Thus, a cannabis plant without flowers doesn’t have any THC compound. Moreover, their appearance is towards the bushier and shorter side than hemp plants because they are quite different.

The breeding takes place for their fiber, which is located in the stalks of the plant, making them skinnier and taller in appearance. Likewise, both of them also have different tastes. THC has a fruity or musky flavor, while hemp has an aroma of grass.

4.  Legality

Previously, marijuana didn’t have any stigma attached to it, nor was there anything against the use of cannabis. It was typical for the production of paper, clothing, and other essentials. However, with growing awareness, people’s opinion began to change. They started identifying the strings attached to this drug. Therefore, the government put a tax and later made it illegal. Due to the differences in levels of THC, hemp, and hemp-derived products are legal. Marijuana is federally illegal, but there are some exemptions for medical marijuana since it plays a crucial role in treating diseases.

5.  Cultivation

Usually, there is a general perception that all cannabis plants belong to the same species without analyzing the role of genetics. Hemp and THC serve a different purpose, which means they have a different growth process too. Marijuana grows in controlled environments, where air, heat, sunlight, and administered water levels. This level of privacy encourages female plants to produce budding flowers. Nevertheless, hemp has no such requirements because it can grow in an open field without potential controls and attention.

Wrap Up

Undoubtfully, both terms like hemp, THC, marijuana have become popular since people want to learn about the differences and usage. High THC levels in marijuana result in sprouting levels of energy while sedating people at the same time. Lower levels can create a cure for many diseases while skipping legal complications. Have a look above to understand the difference between hemp and THC.

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