TikTok Star Dalton Stoltz Talks About Team Saint.

TikTok Star Dalton Stoltz

It’s true, I do have a video with over 10 million views it’s too unreal I still can’t believe that more than
10 million people have seen my face. I don’t feel any different if that’s what you asking, I currently have a total of 51 million views and 2.7 Million likes on Tiktok.

I am 22, looking back at high school when I was 16 I started my journey on social media now obviously I grew up in a small town in the east of Joburg, South Africa called Benoni where my beliefs and let’s call them ambitious visions weren’t always accepted. Most people had the belief that “this is all there is to life” and achieving big things is something of a strange unattainable nature. I still remember the day my coach Desmarie Erasmus places her faith in me when she selected me as the Co-Captain for the Cheerleading team, yes I did Cheerleading professionally with 2 South African gold medals to show for it. The point is someone believed in me and that shifted my life, it was confirmation to me that I can achieve my dreams as long as I keep being stubborn enough to believe in them.

Yes Team Saint a social media movement like no other, confidently I can say it is and it will continue to be the biggest social media movement in the country #TeamSaint. How did Team Saint start ? Well back when I just started my adventure in the business world so to call it I was apart of a different company that offered social media services and this company, unfortunately, met its end but just before it closed down I came up with the concept of Team Saint because my username on Instagram used to be “Saintspaid” back then. This is also where my best friend and business partner Desmond Mokoena comes into the picture, we both weren’t ready to give up so we
decided to start a business together called “Sainté (PTY) LTD” and so Team Saint was born.

I believe that the future of Team Saint is bright, we are currently working with various gin distilleries and also GauTV on DTSV. Soon we will be announcing the shows that we are working on and our influence will have penetrated traditional media, so to answer your question I do believe Team Saint will be around for a long time.

For more details and contact please join me at
TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@dalton_stoltz
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dalton_stoltz/

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