Tips to Help a Homeless Person

Help a Homeless Person

Didier experienced the street and is now an ambassador for the La Cloche association. He gives us some tips for helping homeless people easily. First, it is essential to try to create a social bond with the homeless person, for example to say hello every day so that he can gain confidence and feel considered. It will therefore be possible to be able to discuss; it’s important to communicate when you live on the street.

Then, it is possible to offer material assistance: a blanket, a pled down, clothes including shoes or socks but also a hot drink or a sandwich. On the other hand, it should especially not be forced and think about asking what the person needs first. Referring people in difficulty to associations is always a good idea. It is possible, for example, to go to the Town Hall to ask for Solidarity Guides then explain to your contact where he can go and, why not, accompany him to these associations if the person wishes. It is also possible to exchange with him the time of a hot drink in the street or in a public place.

The fourth solution proposed by Didier is to integrate an association yourself. By devoting a few hours of his time to these organizations, it is possible to greatly facilitate their work. Indeed, they are always looking for volunteers.

Finally, changing one’s gaze is essential to better understand the situations of people on the street. This first involves looking them in the eye, smiling, saying hello: consider them as people in their own right. Changing your gaze is already taking action.

Here are a few ideas to help the homeless people you meet.

First of all, the hardest part of being on the street is the way people react. The best way to respect a homeless person and make their day a little less difficult is to recognize that they are there, that they are human and that they deserve to be considered as such and to raise homeless charity.

A smile, a hello, and two minutes of conversation …  it’s so easy and so much better than missing out on staring at your phone screen. Homeless people most often have their favorite shelter; we often see them in the same places: if you recognize them, they too will recognize you! Greeting those you see regularly in the street is like greeting your baker or the butcher, after all, and it’s heart-warming.

Entourage connects residents with each other, to help them rebuild a caring circle around the homeless people in their neighborhood. Everyone can act at their level against the loneliness of homeless people.

Giving in person, in money or in time

Then you can go to the next step:  donation. Whether in money (small coins that will take you off a coffee in the cafeteria at work / college), in material donations directly to those concerned or through an association or in  time  (discuss with the person, learn where she came from, how she ended up on the street, or simply knowing if she is actively looking for accommodation, a job…), it’s a huge step!

Finally, if you have a little time to give, you can get involved with an association. Here is a small overview of the tasks you could perform to help the homeless in this setting! One of the best-known volunteering offers is undoubtedly that of engaging with the Rests du Coeur  or the Soups Popularizes.

Get more involved

If you work in the medical field, you can commit, as part of your profession, as a volunteer doctor with  Doctors of the World . If you are lucky enough to be the owner of accommodation open to rental, you can entrust the rental of this accommodation to an association so that it can benefit a homeless person, while guaranteeing you the payment of the rent.

A number to know: that of  115, the social SAMU . You can call them anytime to report that there is a homeless person in this or that place, so they can drop by to visit them when they next maraud

Nothing is impossible and in any case, there is always a gesture at your fingertips to help a homeless person!

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