How to Become Successful in ecommerce Business by Khaled Belkeram

How to Become Successful in ecommerce Business by Khaled Belkeram 1

If you are wondering how to succeed in business, it is that somewhere, you have understood that enrichment (both from a financial and personal point of view) goes through the emancipation of the bonds which are subordination and salaried. You want to assert yourself. Create value and share it with the world. And this mindset is that of success for Khaled Belkeram, but there is one more important thing to do: set yourself up to be successful in business.

Analyze competing sites and learn from major e-commerce sites

The study of the competitive offer is an essential step. Design, ergonomics, choice of products… Analyze their strengths and weaknesses. A simple search by keywords will allow you to identify the most active merchant sites in terms of online communication, that is to say those that invest heavily in sponsored links and online advertising.

The big names in the online businesses allow those who are starting out to learn good practices for selling on the Internet. They devote significant budgets to a permanent search for improvement of their site. Study their developments, note the attention they pay to their visitors, note their tips such as sharing buttons on social networks and the positioning of the different shopping cart buttons, for example. So many benchmarks that allow progress in the understanding of e-commerce.

5 ESSENTIAL tips to succeed in business by Khaled Belkeram

Going into the business world is a daring gamble while being a fascinating adventure for the entrepreneur. Whatever the field of activity chosen, you should know that the success of the eCommerce business depends on several essential ingredients and the implementation of an infallible strategy. Also, by following the following tips to the letter, you will see how your business will take off in less time.

Passion, sharing and perseverance

When an entrepreneur decides to go into business and promote this desire most often arises from a passion. Promote and reference your online store. The choice of the domain name and the name of the site is of course essential: it must be memorable, evoke the brand and if possible contain the keywords of the products sold to improve natural referencing. This second case will be preferred if you do not already have a strong brand that people will tend to seek. It is also advisable to prepare for the arrival of your e-commerce site by first creating a thematic blog in order on the one hand to do natural referencing, and on the other hand to recruit your first prospects. The choice between paid and natural SEO remains an appropriate decision to make. Certainly paying for it through the purchase of keywords remains more efficient, profitable and certain.

Another means by which visitors arrive on your e-commerce site is a link which they found on another site. Another important factor in online strategy is links to your website. Links increase your number of visitors, who often become customers themselves. Relevance is key. The links to your home page should be on sites with areas closely related to your business.

Training to innovate

At the same time, you should not hesitate to get trained to develop certain skills that you will need to succeed in the business world. To be an accomplished entrepreneur, training allows you to innovate. Never resting on your laurels is the golden rule in business. You should understand that even if your structure has already made a full place in the market, innovation allows you to stand out more from the competition. In other words, training is:

  • Acquire new skills and develop those already acquired
  • Give yourself the chance to better understand your market, the expectations and needs of your target
  • To have a better mastery of its field and to succeed in renewing its offers, products and services
  • Innovate which is the right way to reach new potential prospects

Delegate and listen

Finally, the best advice that entrepreneurs should always keep in mind is that success also depends on everyone’s ability to delegate. Being at the head of a business does not mean that the entrepreneur can manage everything himself. Hiring means assigning certain tasks to people who are more competent than yourself, in order to focus all your energy on what you really know how to do. Delegating is one thing, but listening is just as important. Listening to your market, your target or even your employees makes it possible to see things more objectively. Tell yourself that you are going to have to make a certain number of missteps before reaching success.

What are the keys to launching your online business?

As the Internet now occupies an important place economically, more and more people are opting for an online business. Whether launching an online store or offering services on the web, starting your business on the web requires a strategic approach adapted to your field. Here are three keys to starting your business online.

Create an attractive and original platform

When it comes to doing business online, the first challenge is to define your project and give it shape. Between expressing his talent and his know-how, while seeking to make money thanks to a passion, the second challenge is to design an original and attractive site. Calling on the services of a website creation professional is therefore essential, in particular to set up a design adapted to your business on the one hand. On the other hand, the platform must have all the functionalities required for the activity in question, whether it is a site selling a service or an e-commerce. It must be understood that the visual is the first contact with the target and potential prospects. Editorial line, computer graphics, video… everything must be thought out so that the site can stand out enough.

How to sell more?

You need to bring people into your store but above all to make sure that they do not come out empty handed. To increase the number of visitors to your site, you can create advertising campaigns, for example with Adwords. However, make sure that they are well targeted in order to attract the right customers and that they have an interest in your products. For conversion, on the one hand make sure that they arrive on a relevant page if you make an advertisement linked with keywords from a search engine. In order to increase your conversions, do not hesitate to make A / B type tests in order to arrange the elements differently on the page and test which version is preferred by your consumers.


E-commerce is an operation that should be taken with the same seriousness as opening a physical store. You must have a strategy, goals and a plan. While the logistics issue was not discussed in this article, don’t overlook this important portion. Once orders have been placed make sure you are able to deliver if you want your customers to come back to re-order and recommend them to their loved ones. This article is intended as a brief overview of electronic commerce, but which wishes to give leads to its readers.

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