Tampa Bay’s 2020 Schedule is a hot one!


The Bucs acquired a pretty sweet gift when the NFL published their 2020 season schedule this month. This after closing last season on what fans hope to be a hot-streak, winning the final 4 of 6 games last year, the Bucs look like they are ready to take their game to the next level. Here is a quick overview of how the season may be playing out for Tampa Bay, but a more in-depth look at the Buccaneers 2020 Schedule can be found here, by our friends at the Buc-Zone.

In a period of just 7 weeks, The Buccaneers will have a Thursday night game in Chicago, then they will have their Sunday night games against the New Orleans Saints and the Raiders, after that they will then appear in 2 Monday night games against the Rams and the Giants, all of which gives them a ton of national media attention this season.

Tampa Bay Bucs 2020 Schedule Highlights

Things are looking sunny in Tampa Bay, following the release of the 2020 schedule, however, while it is certainly advantageous in a lot of ways, it isn’t all picture perfect for the Buccaneers. The Bucs are looking at a rather worrisome 3 game stretch where Tampa faces Green Bay in Week six and the then have consecutive road games in Las Vegas and NY for weeks seven and eight.

For some, playing in front of a national audience on television can often inspire teams to play at their best, so with the focus pointing directly on them, the Buccaneers will have a real chance at placing themselves in the playoffs after they finish their home game during Week 11.

Last year, Tampa Bay won a mere 2 of 8 games played on home turf and that has to change this season as they play their final 6 games, they will have 4 of them at Raymond James Stadium, so they are going to have to change that this season if they hope to secure a playoff spot late 2020.

Ultimately, while their agreements with Brady and Gronk have quite a bit to do with the attention that the Bucs have been getting, there’s more to it than just new player acquisitions and roster changes. There seems to be a change in spirit under the direction of HC Bruce Arians, one that paired with some talent, hard work, and one heck of a lucky schedule could just lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the promised land in 2020.

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