Is the Shure SE846 Worth the Price?

If you are an audiophile, you understand the value of a good speaker. For smooth listening and pure entertainment with your mobile device, you need the Shure SE846 as these cutting-edge Bluetooth earphones are capable of delivering robust, unparalleled audio as you have never heard before. A lot are wondering if the quadruple-digit steep price is worth it. Most sound connoisseurs will say that it is indeed worthy of every single cent because these earphones are a class unto their own.

Why Invest in This?

The SE846 is incomparable in terms of fit and quality. Even if it looks like a regular earbud, this item has the capability of giving genuine sound isolation akin to a custom-made in your ear speaker. It is able to provide a full sound spectrum so you will enjoy superb sound details. Their claim to fame is an authentic subwoofer experience.

This feature is remarkable because this kind of earphones is usually heavy on the bass. Most small earphones like this offer a rare mixing of bass, midrange, and high frequencies because the minimal space usually cannot fit multiple drivers and sufficient filters. However, the producers of this Shure device have successfully managed to incorporate filtering.

CuttingEdge Technology

The Shure SE846 can separately filter the low frequencies with its amazing low-pass filter. Thus, this earphone can provide a superior deep low-end performance of a true subwoofer without drowning out the mid and high range sounds. It does not compromise on clarity, so you get sound and crisp detail. Shure relied on laser-cutting tech to craft holes that are an impressive and astounding 40 microns wide. It is expensive because they managed to compress tech and make it miniature enough to fit in such a teeny, tiny space.

You will be able to see the super mini-components with the clear, transparent shell casing. This feature makes this device look pretty cool and ultra-modern. You can see each of its four custom-engineered drivers is tailor-fitted to blend well with the other to give you a rich and vibrant sound. With this state-of-the-art device, you are assured of clarity and precision performance that will improve your listening experience no matter where you are.

Incomparable Fit

The super small nozzle will fit remarkably well into the ear, making a snug but comfy seal, unlike no other earphone. It provides the same kind of fit like a custom-made device. This over-the-ear design was built with care to ensure they mould well into your earhole to deliver premium sound quality through your ear canal and eardrums. This ensures that the device stays in place with ease, so you are gifted with true sound-isolation and no annoying distractions.

For those who are pure aural aficionados, this set comes with replaceable nozzles with filters. Each of these will adjust to midrange and high frequencies. This provides you with unbeatable control of your device as you customise your sound signatures by removing the metal nozzle to change the inserts. You get warm, bright, and balanced provisions included in your purchase.

Final Word

Those who are looking to buy this product will not be disappointed as it gives value for your money. Apart from providing excellent sound quality and exemplary fit, this Shure comes loaded with a host of accessories like nine pairs of ear tips that are memory foam, rubber, and silicone. You will also receive two kevlar wires, an in-line adapter for volume control, and a stylish carrying case. Most of all, this works well for most gadgets with a 30-feet range and a long battery life.


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