5 Smart Ways to Find Quality AV Hire that’s Worth Every Penny

Organizing events can stress you out, especially if finding the right resources and equipment prove to be challenging. If you are arranging a social event that involves stage performances, music, visual presentations, and seminars, it is crucial to ensure you have the right type of lighting, audio apparatus, and visual effects. The AV Hire you employ must also provide IT equipment to ensure your event goes smoothly from beginning to end.

At times, some audio-visual equipment for rent does not live up to the quality promised in the advertisement. On the other hand, there are still several businesses that deliver reliable, consistent, and excellent rental services for audio-visual gears. Great sound, amazing visual, consistent lighting, and stable staging are paramount to a successful gathering.

Whether you are organizing a wedding, debut, concert, seminar, or competition, it is essential that you make the event “interactive” for most—if not all—senses of your participants and guests. In other words, you need to make sure that your audience finds your event enticing in its entirety.

Listed below are five helpful tips on how you can find an AV equipment provider that’s suitable for your expectations and requirements:

  1. Look for variety

Audio-visual experience is defined by the availability of different sound and photographic equipment. It is exhausting to contract with various equipment rental services because of the difference in apparatus used, schedule, as well as the dynamics of the crew from each company. Cooperation also becomes an issue if you hire AV systems from different companies. The idea is to find a company that serves as your one-stop-shop for all your AV needs.

  1. Check online reviews

Most companies that allow rental services for their equipment have websites and social media pages that you can check out online. Customer feedback is a sneaky yet informative way for you to learn more about the quality of services offered by an AV equipment provider. Does the company have an average rating of 1.5 or 2 stars? Is the review page filled with complaints from unsatisfied customers? Or is the website filled with several commendations from both old and new customers? Use customer reviews as your reference for choosing the company you would most like to do business with.

  1. Prioritize professionalism and expertise

World-class equipment is nothing if the team you are working with lacks professionalism and viable knowledge on how to operate the different systems that you will use for your event. Reliability and professionalism mean exhibiting expertise in handling all AV equipment. It also entails the capacity to get customers involved in the process by educating them on how different apparatuses work.

  1. Compare competitive rates

Affordable equipment rental service does not always equate to poor quality. Sometimes, budget-friendly prices are also coupled with topnotch gears and friendly assistance. You must always start from the bottom when looking for the best AV Hire. Provide a specific budget for your event’s AV equipment to avoid overspending. You can also use your budget to determine companies offering reasonable rates for their services.

  1.  Invest in innovation

As mentioned above, affordability should be in your list of priorities when choosing the right AV rental company. However, that does not mean you have to settle for outdated equipment and visual effects. Try finding a rental service that offers budget-friendly prices along with the latest technology and equipment for your event’s sound, lighting, staging, and graphic elements.

The right visual effects coupled with stable staging and a consistent sound system make any big or small event worth attending. By using the tips listed above as your reference, you are more likely to save time and money as you search for a suitable AV equipment provider.

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