Professor Josh Cartu Celebrates 35 Years of Marriage

Professor Josh Cartu Celebrates 35 Years of Marriage 1

Here are the thoughts of Josh Cartu about successful marriage
Life is not always in pink in a marriage, however, one can adopt a few methods to learn to live in harmony and to make happiness last. Here are the some secrets of a happy and lasting marriage by Josh Cartu.
Josh Cartu, age 67, celebrated 35 years of marriage to his wife Susan Cartu in their Beverly Hills home in California on quarantine. Even after years of living as a couple, you should never stop taking care of each other, and this, on a daily basis. So each of you will never feel alone or abandoned. Know that the small attentions count a lot in a life of couple. Besides, it is a proof of irrefutable love. And this care must not only be done when necessary, for example in case of illness, it must be done automatically every day and in any situation.
Surprise is essential from time to time
Josh Cartu believes for love to last, you must never stop surprising and amazing the other. For this, you can for example offer a small gift from time to time or prepare a surprise romantic dinner or even organize a little romantic trip. In short, it is always necessary to spice up the life of a couple.
Communication is very important in a couple, because it makes it easier to solve problems by expressing your feelings and thoughts with sincerity and freedom.
Patience and tolerance are very important
For a marriage to last over time, the spouses must be tolerant and patient. Indeed, there will always be mistakes and arguments in a couple and to overcome each difficult step, the spouses must be understanding, forgiving and patient. For that, it is necessary to think well before speaking and before acting. Also, you have to avoid being too angry not to do anything. And finally, you have to learn to forgive more easily.
Satisfying everyone’s desires and needs
Each person has their desires and needs, whether physical or moral. And knowing how to meet the requirements of the other in a couple, it is more likely that the relationship lasts forever.
Can we really stay a happy couple for 50 years?
Josh Cartu responds to this that I don’t speak like this Hollywood producer who boasted of having achieved it. He had married six times to achieve this.
Nor like George Burns who said that those who had experienced 50 years of happiness in their couple could only be those who had been married 100 years. I mean, is it really possible in a world where cars, iPads and phones are updated every year, in a world that forces us to admit that we have to throw away what we don’t like and the replace with something more desirable, is there the possibility of a happy and lasting relationship with one and the same person? The question becomes even more topical as we live longer and as death does not come to interrupt an alliance which we contracted when we were young. After a few long years of living together, husband and wife must choose: either to extend the story of love, passion and friendship that united them when they were young, or to give up the dream of finding happiness with their love of youth and embark on a new round of merry-go-round, until they find the new sweetheart which, they hope, will satisfy them.

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