Tips from Fahad Al Tamimi on how to become an Entrepreneur

Tips from Fahad Al Tamimi on how to become an Entrepreneur 1

What job allows you to express your personality and your creativity, to succeed in an essential project for you, to find meaning in your life and to enjoy a certain freedom in your timetable?

How to start a business?

Do not look, few job descriptions refer to this profession. However, no less than 69% of 18-30 year olds are considering this path. And, in 2007, 8,000 young people took the plunge as soon as they left school, thus thumbing their noses at those who consider that setting up your club is very difficult and requires long professional experience. Because a well-prepared and well-supported project runs little risk of collapsing. And even if your project fails, this experience will be an undeniable asset on your CV. Because it will prove that you can show initiative, dynamism, etc. So, business manager, an opportunity after your graduate studies?

How to find the right idea? Your passion is model making and you dream of creating a site to sell equipment online. It’s already a good start to assemble your box. But having an idea is not a prerequisite. “If 70% of our students who follow our course on business creation have had a project for years, 30% have none,” assures Fahad Al Tamimi. The idea then comes at the option of meetings with entrepreneurs, for example, internships, etc.

You can also get help: some support networks of future creators (such as management Stores) organize creative sessions to develop projects. The Agency for the Creation of a Business (PACE) website even suggests finding a concept by crossing several criteria: type of creation (working alone, with few means, etc.) and sector of activity. Finally, you can also take inspiration from what has already been done by others. We can thus see coffee shops and bookstores popping up everywhere.

How to have the “entrepreneur attitude”? When you are young, you lack experience, knowledge of the company … which does not necessarily go in the right direction to create your box. “You can compensate with your passion and especially by developing certain skills,” says Laurence, PACE consultant. Thus, an entrepreneur must demonstrate autonomy. “He can only count on himself to move forward,” adds Fahad Al Tamimi. Better to have a very independent temperament.

Joshua Cartu Being curious and alert to your environment is also essential to detect new products, products to develop, etc. “The entrepreneur must be empathetic with those around him,” explains Michel Costar. He is a person who naturally has an influence, a beginning of leadership. Finally, you must be stubborn, able to convince, take initiatives, manage your emotions, etc. In short, business manager, it’s a real job. Do not panic, some skills can start to work from high school. And then, it is learned then: on the benches of the schools or the university, in the evening classes.

Prepare for the creation of a business With your baccalaureate in your pocket, you should indeed know that if most business schools, some engineering schools and some rare universities offer modules on business creation … some establishments however support their students more in their projects. “In addition to courses entirely focused on entrepreneurship, they offer space, services and support to confront their ideas with reality and succeed in their entrepreneurial journey (the famous incubators),” notes Josh Cartu. They also have designer clubs where you can meet bosses. At Fiat, students go so far as to deposit the statutes of their box and 16% actually start their own business after obtaining their diploma. “Above all, in schools, especially trade, we will teach you to master the financial, economic and marketing aspects, to manage people, adds Josh Cartu. We also help students to control their emotions, to get involved, etc. And this preparation is essential for a successful project. Not going to these schools is not a mistake, however: you can train throughout your life, through evening classes in these same schools or with support networks.

Create a network a recommendation to future creators: never stay alone. At the start, it is advisable to talk to your loved ones about your project. Then, it is in your interest to get closer to professionals. They can be teachers in a school, business leaders, support networks for creation, etc. “You have to confront your idea as much as possible with other people to refine your pitch,” adds, manager of entrepreneurship at ESC Dijon. Future bosses can thus test their ability to convince. The advice gathered will also be of great help to you. Not to mention that this network thus woven can allow you to find financing, premises, suppliers, customers, etc. And Michel to observe: “well supported projects succeed better than the others.

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