Carlos Cantero: lordcntero – Successful Entrepreneur and Influencer

Carlos Cantero: lordcntero - Successful Entrepreneur and Influencer 1

There are a lot of people who became famous on Instagram, but there are only a few like Carlos Cantero, at first, he started publishing memes on his account ‘killjongun’, where he accumulates more than 130,000 followers, and later, he created his personal account called ‘lordcntero’, both of them on Instagram.

Famous for his Instagram posts

He has been using Instagram only for 2 years, before that, he wasn’t even knowing how to use, and obviously, he couldn’t ever imagine that he could make money by publishing memes.

When he created his memepage, he liked the fact that he could just screenshot his favorite memes, and publish them into his account, which at first was private, but he wasn’t considering to open it to the public, because he thought that no one would enjoy the same content that he did enjoy.

At first, he was telling about the account to his friends, and they told him to accept them, because they liked memes too, and wanted to check the content he liked, and, little by little, it started growing to ‘friends of his friends’, and growing a small but new audience.

When this happened, Carlos decided to switch the privacy of his account to the public, and it continued growing, the followers weren’t a crazy number already, but it was growing.

At the end of some months, the account was already having some thousands of followers, and Carlos just kept posting the same, until today, now he has more than 130.000 active people checking daily what he publishes, which sounds crazy, and it’s crazy, killjongun is also one of the biggest Spanish meme accounts.

When Killjongun grew a lot, he promoted his own personal account, where the basic niches were his lifestyle with a bit of humor, and also cryptocurrencies and different types of investments, Carlos is known to be an entrepreneur, even if he isn’t rich, he has invested on many different places, he even created 2 known online shops, just to show their followers how easy is to create e-commerce business having a small budget.

Life changes

 His life has completely changed since he started growing followers on Instagram, at first he just made a few bucks by promoting some random business, but now he can easily promote some of the biggest Spanish (or even international) brands, enterprises, and all that kind of things, which are known to pay crazy well.

Even considering that he told us that nowadays he isn’t living of his promotions, even if he didn’t want to talk about numbers, he told us that actually is no way he could live with the money he is making on Instagram, but that is a good income, considering he just post memes and humor related content.

On his personal account lordcntero, he posts completely different content, we could say it’s an inspirational content, he publishes there too tips for investing your money, and helps his followers to reach their goals, it doesn’t matter what are them, he is creating new influencers, and new entrepreneur.


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