Low cost car shipping abroad with car transporters

Low cost car shipping abroad with car transporters 1

With Schumacher you have an economic alternative to car transport by train, which has not offered for nine years now. In 2020, in many countries and much of Europe, the only vehicle transport method is the car transporter: the double-decker “car carrier” truck that you often see on our roads, which with Schumacher allows you to carry out a car transport to low cost, maintaining canonical security.

Discover the offers of over 1000 specialized transporters equipped with car transporters. We operate on international routes throughout Europe (including islands). Make a request and compare for free the costs to ship new and used cars of every model and brand, including vintage cars, vans, campers or luxury cars.
You can do everything online: in a few clicks you can choose the best price among the offers you receive. To know costs and details, thanks to international auto shipping with Schumacher, it takes just two minutes.

Car transport by car transporter is fast and cheap. You can take your car with you or ship your vehicle and all the vehicles on wheels wherever you want.
Remember that sending a car by train is not possible, better to rely on real car transport professionals. Make a free request now and receive offers immediately.

On some occasions you may need to ship a car from one part to another. Sure, it may seem like a remote option, but in reality there is no shortage of opportunities: buying a car in a place other than that of residence; the definitive transfer to another city; the recovery of a car that has broken down; the delivery of a vintage car; the need for a dealer to have a car delivered as soon as possible (perhaps to satisfy a particularly important or demanding customer). In short, the examples are many and therefore we see how to ship a car with a car transporter, train, ship and plane.


Sorry to disappoint expectations immediately but it has been years that it is no longer possible to ship a car by train. Therefore it is possible to transport a car by train, or send it to the desired destination. But, beware: there are exceptions.


If using the train to ship a car through the online platform has become almost impossible, shipping a car with a car transporter (the double-decker truck-specific for the transport of cars) is instead much simpler and all in all not too expensive, given the birth of some online services that manage vehicle transport with fairly low cost prices. And still others more or less of the same type as shiply.com, cargopooling.it, logisticar.it. They all promise discounts of up to 70-80% compared to the standard rates and also deliver the car abroad.

The shipment of a car by plane is absolutely necessary if the destination is abroad, even more so if on another continent. Obviously, air transport is very advantageous in terms of time but requires costs of a certain type.

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