Believe it or not, science has succeeded in classifying the types of couples that persist. In addition, they also revealed which couples are more likely to fail than others. So where is your relationship? When you start a romantic relationship, you will probably experience many doubts. Among these doubts, the biggest question that comes to mind will be whether you are really meant for each other. Well, science has taken on the task of investigating the types of couples that will last the longest. So let’s look at their findings!

The four types of couples that are there

Researchers conducted a study of 376 couples between the ages of 25 and 29. He specifically chose couples who were not yet married. Instead of evaluating each individual, he conducted his research where each couple was treated as a unit. He then followed each couple and their intentions to marry for 9 months. He observed whether or not their decision varied according to quarrels and their emotional states. These are couples who have spent little time together and experience all kinds of ups and downs, divorces, reconciliations, etc. They represented 34% of all couples who participated in the study.

Partner-oriented relationships

30% of the couples who took part in the Ogolsky study fell into the partner-oriented relationship category. These couples spent a lot of time together and shared activities.

Relationship-affected relationships

Ogolsky determined that 12% of the participating couples had conflict-affected relationships. These relationships argued fairly often, but were still more stable than dramatic relationships.

Socially involved relationships

These couples were constantly dependent on social media , posting photos and comments, etc. For them, this type of activity took up a large part of their daily lives. 19% of the study participants fell into this category.

Types of couples that, according to science, continue to exist

However, scientists were not satisfied with the simple classification of couples. They tried to find out which factors caused love to turn into engagement and something permanent. Here a study published in Research Gate has taken on the task of identifying the factors of healthy long-term relationships. The study looks specifically at couples who have been married to each other for at least 40 years.


There are couples who together have a future in mind, share the same values ​​and interests and share the same views. Although some say opposites attract each other, this is not enough to maintain a relationship. It seems that having things in common is important when it comes to building a strong relationship.

Forgiveness is important to keep up as a couple

Every relationship has its share of arguments and problems. Everyone who idealizes their relationship is therefore making a serious mistake. And this brings us to another fundamental point in achieving a long-term relationship: the ability to forgive. Conflicts will always exist, so having a healthy relationship requires finding ways to resolve them. It also means the ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness.


A good sex life does not guarantee that a relationship will be successful. However, it does help to create a bond and intimacy that are both important in a healthy relationship. It is of course no harm that sex causes us to release hormones such as oxytocin, which makes us feel happy. This therefore undoubtedly has a positive effect on relationships.

Communication is a key so that couples stand their ground

Finally, but certainly not the least, communication is a fundamental building block of any type of interpersonal relationship. When it comes to couples, this is even truer. Ari Shaffir Dropped By Talent Agency After ‘Joking’ That Kobe Bryant ‘Died 23 Years Too Late’. It is important that couples can express how they feel and that they can talk about everything with each other. When life throws obstacles, couples must be able to look for alternatives together. In conclusion, while studies conclude that couples sharing these factors seem to be maintained, it is difficult to establish a one-size-fits-all pattern. Couples must be tolerant, communicative, loving and empathetic to build healthy relationships. That way everything else will be much easier.

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