Prepare your trip starts here!

Prepare your trip starts here! 1

One of the nicest things about traveling is the anticipation. Selecting cool destinations and then all preparations for your trip. To help you with those preparations, we have listed our best tips for you. For example, what you can do best when you get severe food poisoning or how you can avoid these notorious bed bugs. But also a complete packing list and tips for booking an airline ticket as cheaply as possible. Read everything about preparing your trip here. With these tips you hopefully get on board even better prepared and with more pleasure!

With this packing list for backpacking you don’t have to think about anything anymore. It is a very long packing list with many things that you probably never need all of them, but each trip is different and with this packing list you have thought of everything. You quickly take too much with you so don’t let this packing list fool you. You can also buy many things during your trip. We recommend because this is the largest travel articles website in the Netherlands, often with the best prices. They also sell almost everything on this packing list.

If you are going to buy a backpack, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Consider the size, the quality and what you want to do with it. In this article we share our best tips for buying a backpack and we answer the most frequently asked questions from beginning backpackers. Offset Has Been Reportedly Detained By The LA Authorities – Here Are The Available Details And Video. Buying a good backpack that suits you and your journey is not always easy. We still remember the moment when we first went backpacking and had no idea how big such a backpack should be or which brands are good. There are simply so many different backpacks and there is more to it than just selecting a nice color.

How big should your backpack be?

The size of a backpack is very important. If it is too large and not completely full, you will be bothered by your back because all your things are at the bottom and the backpack will pull on your shoulders. Too small a backpack is of course also extremely annoying, so buying a backpack starts with choosing the right size.

What are good backpack brands?

We understand that it is not nice to spend a lot of money on a backpack. You’d rather spend those euros on fun things while traveling. Yet you certainly should not save on this. A good backpack will give you a lot of pleasure and will last maybe 10 years. A cheap backpack breaks down quickly and is much less comfortable. Brands that always sit with you are The North Face, Osprey & Eagle Creek. All models of these brands can here be found. A good and sturdy backpack is available from around € 150.

A good daypack is perhaps just as important. This is a smaller backpack of about 25 liters that you almost always have with you for things like your sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, drinking bottle etc. Of course you can just take your old backpack that is still in the cupboard with you but you can have a good daypack really have fun traveling. Many compartments are handy and it is also nice if you have sturdy shoulder straps with foam in them. This also applies to the backrest. Here you can compare all different daypacks.

It may sound strange, a special backpack for women, but it really makes sense. The big difference lies in the shape of the shoulder straps. With women’s backpacks, these stand a bit more to the outside while they walk straight down with a normal backpack. As a man you could also just wear a women’s backpack without you or anyone else noticing the difference.

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