How do you learn to drive 25-miners better?

How do you learn to drive 25-miners better? 1

Their question: through which driving skills training do young people learn to drive better and more safely? In the experiment, 480 young people take three tests: in a car, with virtual reality glasses and via an app on a tablet.

The hope is that the digital tests also work well, because then people can work on their driving safety at home in the future. But such an analogue test is not necessarily easy either, we saw today. Your brain was only fully developed around the age of 25. Result: young people exhibit adolescent driving behavior. Add that too little driving experience and it is not surprising that accidents happen.

And yes, that is especially true for the men, says Rob Stomphorst of Veilig Verkeer Nederland: Boys are pushing the limits much more, girls are more careful. In general, many people overestimate themselves. It seems like they think they can do everything at the same time while driving”, Rob is surprised. The smartphone has great appeal. The researchers also see that. That is why the experiment asks how often the test subjects call in the car and how often they use their navigation. “If you take your eyes off the road and look at the screen, it is very dangerous,” says Jolieke de Groot of the SVOW. “Even when you call hands-free you are in your head busy with other things than driving.”

Do you have to be able to get your driver’s license with such dangers at such a young age? Yes, the SWOV says. The sooner the better. This system also works abroad. “You only learn to drive really after you have obtained your driver’s license. Damage to your car is always annoying, especially in the case of a rental car. But it can be even worse if this is the result of an accident – especially if you could have prevented this accident. Frequently heard advice is often to drive carefully. But you only get there with careful driving. In fact – too careful driving is not good either. Evelyn Lozada’s Nemesis, Ogom ‘OG’ Chijindu, And Her Ex-Husband, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Team Up To Drive Her Crazy With This Announcement — ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Love The Pettiness. The point is that you make choices while driving that benefits you and other road users. Self-assured driving is safe driving. You undoubtedly know it: a driver who sticks to your bumper, honks, or simply shows annoying driving behavior. No matter how annoying it may be: don’t comment on it. You put yourself and others at risk. It is better to give this driver the space or to let him pass. He will probably arrive at the destination just one minute earlier – or perhaps not at all.

We already mentioned it above: careful driving is not the solution. Caution is soon accompanied by doubtThis is not safe in traffic, doubt leads to unrest and uncertainty for your fellow road users. So start from your logical mind and make a choice based on that. Is your choice wrong and, for example, do you miss a turn? That is only true. In any case, you have not taken any risk by doubting, which would result in dangerous situations. Too low a tire pressure is not only bad for your fuel consumption, but mainly for the grip you have on the road. What could the consequences be? A longer braking distance and a risk of skidding that is considerably greater than intended. Tip from us: just check the tire pressure once a month, and then nothing else is wrong. By this we mean adjusting your mirrors and driver’s seat. You should always be able to look well in the rearview mirror, as well as the side mirrors. To properly adjust the side mirrors you can follow the rule of thumb that you should be able to see a small piece of the door handle of the rear door. That way you have the best view of what is happening behind you. Navigation has the same problem as a smartphone: you look at a screen and therefore not at the road. Moreover, setting up a GPS system while driving is always a guarantee for stressful moments. Therefore, place your destination in advance in your navigation and not while driving.

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