How to Become a Better Person during a Relationship

How to Become a Better Person during a Relationship 1

It is important to realize that one’s happiness does not depend on a love story or the presence of a partner in one’s life. However, there are several ways to acquire relationship skills and mature during a romantic relationship. Whether you are ready or not, a relationship offers you many opportunities to grow personally. In this way, you will have the opportunity to develop your communication skills, be more considerate and attentive, and understand when to give priority to the needs of the other. You may also learn to forgive and throw the most painful situations behind you. If you are in a relationship, keep in mind that all this, even if it is not always easy, represents an opportunity for personal enrichment.

Encourage one another.

It is difficult to grow and improve personally when you have an unbalanced relationship. If you are with a verbally, physically or sexually abusive person, ask yourself if he is helping you grow. If it hurts you or has wrong habits, you risk ruining yours or having negative feelings. Try to establish a healthy relationship with a partner who encourages you to grow and improve. Find out how your partner intends to grow and help each other. For example, if you want to learn to meditate while the other person wants to start practicing qi gong, encourage each other to cultivate these interests, take a course or do it individually. Thanks to this attitude you can stimulate your personal growth and also promote that of your partner.

Don’t repeat past mistakes. 

Ask yourself what has gone wrong in past relationships or what has favored the contrasts and differences. Do you notice any relational patterns that have been repeated in the various relationships? Think about these aspects. [2] Maybe you had a bad habit of not notifying your partner when a change of schedule occurred; you always came late for appointments or neglected your homework (like throwing trash or shopping). Analyze old relationship patterns and try to improve them. NeNe Leakes Kills Rumors Claiming That She And Gregg Leakes Broke Up – See The Sweet Pics Of The Couple .Reflect on what hasn’t worked in past relationships (or in the one prior to the current relationship) and try to deal with situations differently. Can you behave differently this time? You decide responsibly to change. Learn to communicate better, be more romantic or try to spend more time with your partner. By showing attention and support, you will be able to become a better person. To learn more about how to correct bad habits, read How to Change Bad Habits and How to Get Rid of Bad Habits.

Change together. 

Many changes can occur in relationships that have lasted for years. You can change yourself, your partner can change and, in the end, your evolution can affect the couple’s relationship. The course of events can also change it: transfers, university, a new job or the birth of a child condition it considerably. Communicate regularly with your partner and ask them what changes are happening and whether they affect your story positively or negatively. How do your behaviors help or damage your bond and how much does it affect the overall quality of your relationship

Avoid moving away when a change occurs. Rather, try to grow together. For example, if your partner has changed jobs, don’t let the time you spend far away interfere with your intimate moments. Find other ways to be together peacefully, for example by cooking or reading a book.

Do your part to adapt to the changes. It is not up to you how the other person adapts to the evolution of the couple’s life, so focus on the behaviors that you can adopt to get used to the changes and support your partner.

If you notice that you can’t find a balance or that you struggle to communicate with the other person, don’t hesitate to talk about it. Clarify how you can help each other and build a better relationship.


When your partner talks to you, listen carefully. Don’t think about what you mean, but pay your full attention to it. In these moments, note what you are saying, both in words and through non-verbal communication. Look him in the eye and face your body in his direction. Turn off the television and don’t be distracted

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