Dalia Hammoud, known as DoDo, the popular Social Network Influencer of the Middle East

Dalia Hammoud, known as DoDo, the popular Social Network Influencer of the Middle East 1

The prominent Lebanese influencer on social media was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1987. Dalia Hammoud (dodo7788). Dalia began her career in social media in the city of Keek, a famous mobile application for the media after graduation from university with a degree in media. She then began to use Instagram to talk about social issues and problems in real life by sharing comedian flavors on videos. She had 100k flowers in 2 days, her videos were so trending. Dalia, which is now also known as dodo, has more than five hundred thousand follower on Instagram and around seventy thousand on Snapchat. Dalia has been talented since she was young and has passion to sing, and now she has two Arabic songs

Dalia is famous in her recent video, says that she has been a lot like millions, “as DoDo7788 I know celebrities followed by millions and do not affect 100 people“. She added that she didn’t expect this video to spread in all social media in one day, to be honest. She had 100,000 Instagram followers who made her happy and kept doing these comedies. Here is a question answer session, which presents detail about what she added, in response of public asking.

-How did the video idea come up to you?

DoDo: I made my own business and I was very nice, there was a song that I love and many people do, the melody I used and I’ve written the texts and the video it was comedy words about the work.

-You think about acting after your success in the field of comedy?

DoDo: I didn’t think of this but I wouldn’t hesitate if I had a great role in a movie directed by executives.

-What made you sing and join the singing arena, Dalia?

DoDo: I’m just a singing enthusiast. It was my first instrument I studied I was 8 years old, studying music and I learned to play other musical instruments, including the piano. I have made several songs and helped many singers that are stars now and have decided to make one song and see if people love it. Yes they did! And they all want more. And they all inquire. Personally, I’ve made plenty of advertisements for big business, like a car company, lipstick, clocks and much, and I’ve never forgotten a commercial in my life.

I’m a big Real Madrid fan, one day I said that I had a call! I was very happy and had so much joy in Madrid and I saw so many soccer players and I shot them. I was very happy and had such fun at the Stadium in Madrid.

-Who’s your social media funniest person?

DoDo: One of the most important activists, my friend Ahmed Al-Sharif is the funniest person in the social media and he’s always coming up with unique ideas.

-What did you do? 

DoDo: By the grace of God and the love of the people I have achieved so many successes, established a media and advertising company called Fun-al-ebdaa FAE.MEDIA and opened many more companies such as the spa and a restaurant. Thank God I’ve achieved so many achievements but I am always hopeful and look forward to the future.

The multitalented person is Dalia Hammoud, also known as Dodo and you know her possibly from her comedy videos. She’s good with her comedy videos as well as her two songs and her third on the way to waves through music. In various industries and all due to its outgoing existence, she has made her name. The fact that she can speak different Arabic accents that differ depending on the area is what most people like to her. The majority of her videos are in Arabic, but she is also well known in the international community.

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