3 things to do immediately to become famous!

3 things to do immediately to become famous! 1

If we were to reinvent Fantasize, we would build a loser and loser character like him, but we could not make him a social network addicted: a social junkie.

Fantasize embodied the people’s desires and his bad luck: I imagine his heir dreaming of becoming famous as Bibber or Feeds and shooting with the Kardashian or Ferranti on duty. But what did these characters do to become famous and how could you become famous by following the tips of digital marketing?

Let’s start immediately from the bottom line: Yes, easy, but it takes some tricks that all the famous people have used to reach the celebrityTo become popular on the internet, on social networks and consequently also in real life, you can follow different paths:

Unfortunately I cannot help you in any way in the first three possibilities. Not everyone who becomes famous starts with a particularly lucky genetic trait or with the 9-zeros bank account. You can become famous in various ways, but first of all you will have to understand why it is.

Why do you want to become famous?

Many have asked me to write a guide on “how to become famous”, and this made me think. How many people would really like to be famous? What do you think it means to become famous? Some time ago, on a pleasure trip of mine, I was in a brewery with friends. We had been sipping craft beers for hours, talking about the plus and minus. It was a moment of complete light heartedness.

Suddenly I realized that a clumsy boy had entered the club, but I didn’t pay too much attention. RHONJ – Teresa Giudice & Caroline Manzo Reunite For Sabra Hummus Super Bowl Commercial. At one point this little boy with the braces and the Seven’s backpack approached our group, talking to one of my friends. I couldn’t understand what he wanted. He smiled and spoke embarrassed. Intrigued, I approached him to understand what he was saying and the first words I heard were and in any case, I am of age, so there is no problem if we end up in bed together.

That friend of mine would become my girlfriend. In reality it was already. Blood seethed in my veins and I immediately disliked that being. The boy, purple in the face, said he was doing a social experiment: he was shy and was not successful with the girls, so he decided to go around looking for all the ways to tow, trying to approach girls with an unusual bravado.

“Of course yours is a dangerous game” – I said. “You had not noticed my presence, but what would have happened if I had been a jealous husband, maybe Sicilian and kick boxing champion?

He told me that he wanted to become famous for being successful with women: “by doing this experiment I try to be more confident, even if only for fun, and in the meantime I become popular. When I am famous, I will be full of girls. ”

I gave that boy some advice, and I want to give it to you too. Why do you want to become famous? The answer to this question is crucial. Select one of the answers:

  • To be more successful with the opposite sex
  • To get money
  • In order to buy what you want
  • To live like a pasha
  • To avoid having to work too hard
  • To have a lot of free time
  • To be recognized on the street

It all starts with your answer.
Selected? Well, we can start. How to become famous and get what you want?

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