Falling in love: what it means and what are the symptoms of falling in love

Falling in love: what it means and what are the symptoms of falling in love 1

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful and magical moments of our life! But let’s see what it means to fall in love, how to recognize its symptoms and why love is good for health. We also find out how to fall in love and what to do, instead, not to fall in love…

Although love has always been written about: books, songs, films as well as scientific researches that try to explain it, not much is known yet. Falling in love remains one of the most beautiful and often most upsetting experiences of our life, but we still cannot understand why this feeling is born and why in some cases it lasts and in others it ends. What is certain is that every falling in love is unique, but there are symptoms that almost all lovers have in common: physiological ones, such as the rapid heartbeat, and psychological ones, such as not being able to stop thinking about your loved one. But let’s see what it means to fall in love and what are the symptom that tells us that it is true falling in love.

What does it mean to fall in love?

Falling in love means feeling completely taken by the other person, who involves us in all senses: we worry about her; we are excited at the mere thought of being next to her. When we fall in love, therefore, we feel involved and attracted to the other who almost becomes our only thought and which makes us enter a whirlwind of emotions from which we feel completely overwhelmed. Passion but also jealousy come into play, which can make our life wonderful but also more complicated, if not downright unhappy, when it becomes an obsession. We do not see the person we fall in love with for what he really is, but we build his own image that goes beyond the external aspect. Taylor Swift Shares What Made Her Fall For Joe Alwyn In New Netflix Documentary. Furthermore, in every relationship, there is both a return to past love experiences but there is also the novelty that pushes us forward and that brings new vital energy. The falling in love phase however lasts two or three years at the most, then the time comes for our feeling to mature to transform into something important, but the emphasis of the beginnings tends to fade.

Then there are times when someone who barely knows us but who lights a fire inside us enters our heads, yes, because falling in love does not necessarily mean having a relationship. It has happened to everyone, especially as teenagers, to fall in love with the singer or the actor on duty, a photo that we keep there as a relic and that makes us feel good just looking at it: falling in love is also this because it is out of any logic. So what does it mean to fall in love? We cannot say it exactly but it is certain that more than concern the other, it concerns us and our desire to get involved, to risk and to start again every time.

When we fall in love there are a series of easily recognizable physical and psychological symptoms, it is the way our body reacts to this magical and almost inexplicable moment. Symptoms that appear as soon as we are close to the loved one and that are at the maximum levels up to the first six months of the relationship, a period after which everything tends to normalize. Here are what they are! If you want to fall in love, pretend you are already, for the British psychologist Richard Wiseman, a scholar of the University of Hertfordshire, this could be the key to falling in love: it would be enough to pretend and enter the part of the lover. However, this theory has only been tested in the laboratory while we know that in reality things are more complex. But let’s try to draw up a sort of Decalogue that could lead us to a new love.

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