Birthday parties at home? Tips for an unforgettable party

Birthday parties at home? Tips for an unforgettable party 1

Have you already decided where and how to organize your child’s birthday party? You can choose from one of the many locations available in Milan, or decide to organize it at home. In this regard, we asked Federica Zagari, owner of Kikolle Lab in Milan, for many years now specialized in entertainment for children. Here’s what he told us:

Home party: how do you organize it?

When I was a child (a long time ago, in a far distant country …) the children’s birthday parties were organized at home. Mum thought about buying the pizzas and the milk sandwiches, ordering the cake from the pastry chef in the house, to invite a few classy friends and to organize home games or the projection of a cartoon or a Walt Disney film to entertain the guests. Today the choice is certainly wider, there are many places to celebrate, but organizing a party at home can still be done. These are often more intimate parties, for a limited number of guests and where the birthday boy or girl feels more relaxed in their family environment. And then, party at home does not mean a party that is not happy or less cared for in every detail.

Here are some practical tips to transform your home living room into a festive and welcoming environment!

Let’s make room

First of all, make room: perhaps moving the table towards the wall, removing the most fragile objects that can attract the attention of children, creating an area free of clutter, so that the little guests can move at ease. The bedrooms are not recommended as a place of entertainment because the games of the birthday boy are sometimes a cause for distraction and small quarrels.

We decorate the house

To create a festive atmosphere, paper decorations cannot be missing: they give color and can characterize the favorite theme of the birthday boy. Kenya Moore Celebrated Her 49th Birthday – She Marked The Event With This Powerful Message And Breathtaking Photo. Festoons, garlands, lanterns, balls of crepe paper, cardboard or tissue paper, the important thing is that they are colorful and cheerful. And for those who have good manual skills and sometime available, the advice is to make them at home, perhaps involving the children.

For the table, however, we must not forget: plates, glasses and napkins, but also paper straws, sugared almonds to be spread on the tablecloth, tailored flags, or paper to be put on the buffetEvery detail will make the difference, even the smallest…. But be careful not to overdo it: because the saying “less in more” is always valid.

The right entertainment for home parties

The entertainment of one or more good and engaging animators is essential to ensure that children can collaborate / play with each other while having fun. Also and especially in the home, where space is more limited. Attention to always choose an animation suitable for the age of the birthday boy and his friends so that the progress of the party can follow the rhythm of the children. You can also think of proposing an art workshop, a cooking or floral workshop, if the group of guests is not too numerous.

The perfect buffet for house parties

The first thing to do is to prepare the snack on a clearly visible and easily accessible table, because the movement around the buffet is always high and it is essential that the area is comfortable and unhindered.

The buffet can include classic pizzas, scones and ham sandwiches, popcorn and chips (even if I’m not a big fan of chips!) For the salty part, and to finish biscuits and themed cupcakes for the sweet part, if you also wants to give a special touch to the table. Maybe avoid pastries with too much cream or chocolate or excessively large portions of pizza that would perhaps be difficult to eat.

Children will be invited to have a snack around the table so as not to have popcorn scattered everywhere. Or at least, hopefully! And of course you can’t miss the cake and background music appropriate to the age of the birthday boy and his guests to create a very successful party.

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