Are you one of those who can instantly recognize what type of garment brings out the best in your figure? Sometimes you don’t have to think about miraculous diets to see us ideal, maybe the answer is to choose each one of the pieces that make up our closet.

While the dress is, without a doubt, the most versatile garment that exists we must be clear that we cannot all wear everything. Of course, always respecting the freedom of each one to wear what they want, here we talk simply about a theory of the study of proportions and how stylists and personal shoppers work to highlight the strengths of each person’s body.

As for dresses, the good thing is that there are as many forms of dress as female body. The basic rule to be 100% correct with this theory is to know your proportions so that we can dress so that instead of walking disguising what we do not like we enhance our qualities, because we all have them. 50 Cent Apologizes, Compliments, And Then Trolls Taraji P. Henson For Slamming His Power And Empire Comparison. To avoid taking risks, take a few minutes to this complete guide and you will know how to instantly recognize the patterns of dresses that can best sit you when you go shopping. But what kind of dress favors our body? The patterns around this garment are inexhaustible. To know how to choose, it is necessary to have more or less clear what types of cuts exist and for what types of girls have been created.

  • Ease:  Or flared. Perfect for both more casual and more elaborate looks. It favors all types of body and silhouette because it manages to mark the waist without excessively strengthening the hips, so it is ideal for girls with complex for having this wider area.
  • Straight: It does not power the waist with what is perfect for girls with a V-shaped or “apple” body.
  • Empire:  A basic that does not go out of style. Feminine and sophisticated. Empire-cut dresses are those that have a cut under the chest. It has multiple advantages; if you are small it gives you more height and enhances the bust. And if you have a wide waist, hide it completely.
  • Yoke:  With the cut just above the chest. The detail at the top captures all the looks and the endless neckline options it presents makes it perfect for girls with more prominent shoulders, for example.
  • High waist:  The cut has it right at the waist; it is very flattering for girls with an hourglass figure or who want to camouflage their hips.
  • Tube:  The most daring option but at the same time with the most sensual you will feel, especially if you light it safely. Being fully adjusted, it is perfect for girls who want to boost their curves.
  • Low waist:  The cut reaches the hips and is very effective for girls who want to achieve a more uniform and compensated figure, for example if they have very long legs and a small torso. It is difficult to determine exactly what type of neckline favors each type of body. There are dresses with and without sleeves, with straps, word of honor, asymmetrical, with a neckline on the back, with different textures and fabrics, with infinity of prints and colors. And absolutely everything is important. Of course, the type of body influences a lot when choosing cleavage , it is not the same a girl with shoulders more prominent than fallen, with thinner or thicker arms or with a long or short neck.

Keys to the perfect dress for girls “petite” or with a height less than 1.60 : Lengthening the figure with clothing is possible, and although you always have to take into account the body type there are basic lessons of styling to create this effect, For example, dresses with shorter skirts or knee length and V-neckline to extend the upper area. If you like long dresses you should know that they are not completely prohibited as popular belief dictates.

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