Everything you need to know about video games

Everything you need to know about video games 1

How many players are in our country? What devices and genres they prefer. Where they buy the new titles. How long are they with the controller in hand? And how old they are. The latest Aviv report answers all the questions. And there is no shortage of surprises. Everyone loves to play video games, Minecraft is the best game for every age group. Skyblock Servers are best for playing online.

Video games in world have no longer been a niche, but discovering that even in these years of economic hardship the sector continues to grow, and in double figures, it can still leave you amazed. According to the latest report “Video games in World”, the most detailed study on the sector carried out by the association of Aviv publishers and developers, this market in our country is in fact worth 1.757 billion euros and, compared to 2017, it grew by 18, 9 percent.

A treasure that for about three quarters is powered by the sale of software and only for the remaining quarter by that of consoles and related accessories such as gamepads, headphones and steering wheels. And it is precisely by digging into the numbers of the software that the most interesting novelty is discovered: the overtaking, even in World, of digital sales over physical ones.

For the first time, in fact, downloads outnumber discs and cartridges, thanks to an 86.6 percent growth. On the other hand, the traditional retail market is going down, falling by 8.7 percent. And the arrival in our country of services such as PlayStation Plus and the landing in the Google sector with solutions related only to broadband will reinforce this trend in the coming years.

On the hardware front, however, it is noted that the boom in smartphones and tablets has practically canceled from the market the portable consoles, which are even surpassed by the “retro”, the re-editions of the hardware of the past launched by Nintendo and Sony. Flaming Fists Lui Kang Burns Players As They Fight Their Way Through His Weekly Towers In Mortal Kombat Mobile. In the last year these goodies for nostalgic have sold over 85 thousand pieces in World, against 84 thousand of the laptops. For home consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch the number of pieces sold was instead of over 1.1 million.

How many smartphones have changed the video game market also show other numbers. Phones and tablets have been used by more than 10 million Italians to play games, against the 7.6 million who used the PC and the just 6.1 million who instead turned on a home console in 2018. However, though more numerous, the public of smartphones also appears to be the least passionate: looking at the figures on the time spent on each platform, the consoles in fact return to first place with an average of 5 hours spent per week compared to 4.3 for cell phones, a sign that the gamer more hardcore still prefers home TV to enjoy a game.

Hardcore or casual, having fun in front of a video game has become an experience for everyone, without barriers and age limits. In the last year, 16.3 million Italians have played at least once in the twelve months: more than a third of the population between 6 and 64 years of age, the age group taken into consideration by the sample survey that c is behind this part of the Aviv study. The men who play are more than the women, but the gap is rather limited: 54 against 46 percent. More interesting is the distribution by age group, with the category between 15 and 24 years in the lead, followed however by the over 45. With the years, even the favorite devices change: the consoles are first among the under 14, smartphones and tablets they dominate between 15 and 44 years, while the PCs only win between the over 45.

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