12 Examples of friendships between celebrities who passed the test of time

12 Examples of friendships between celebrities who passed the test of time 1

There are many who think that relationships in Hollywood never last. The actors and singers are creative people and there is always competition and struggle for popularity.

However, Genial. Guru knows those celebrities who have broken the myth and whose friendship is more than proven over the years and is defined by true loyalty and sincerity. The story that touched us the most is Leonardo Vicario and Kate Wins let. Do not miss it!

These two handsome Hollywood men have known each other for more than 20 years. The actors agreed on a very popular program in the 90s for US television, “The House of Mickey Mouse”. Since then their friendship endures. Gosling even lived for a time with the Timberlake family when he had problems with his nationality.

The friendship between diva Rihanna and top-model Cara Delavigne occurred a few years ago. They love spending time together at fashion parties, social events and parades. Rihanna, due to her age and experience, is a kind of mentor of Cara, gives her the necessary advice for her career and always supports her when she has a problem. Toby and Leo met more than 25 years ago when they coincided in the same auditions, trying to get a role in the same films. As soon as I met Toby at the casting, I felt like I wanted to be his friend. Once, just during a scene, I ran to him and said: Toby! Toby! Toby! Give me your phone number. And he replied, more or less: Yes, just remind me who you are,” Leonardo said.

These two stars became friends in 2008 during the filming of “On the edge of love.” Since then, they are inseparable. You can both spend hours shopping together or chatting in a cafeteria. Sienna loves her friend and bluntly states that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. As often happens, these actors met in 1990 during the filming of Air America, and to date they maintain very good relations. Robert supported Mel in a scandalous divorce process, and Gibson, in turn, helped him overcome and end his addiction to drugs and alcohol so he could return to the movies. The young Kim and Nicole belonged to the generation of the “Golden Youth” of Hollywood. Richie is the daughter of a famous singer; Kardashian is the star of a popular television show. Porsha Williams’ Fans Love Her Friendship With Tanya Sam. They became friends when they were only 12 years old and since then they maintain their friendship, despite sensational news in the press about possible disputes and fights between them.

These two girls became friends in the television show “Barney and his friends”, when they were 7 years old. Although Demi and Selena’s relationship has not always been perfect (they stopped talking to each other for a few years due to personal differences), they have been able to overcome all the rumors and criticisms, that all they got was to strengthen their friendship.

Tom and Rob are the best friends since they agreed in school (with 12 years). Neither fame nor rumors about a love triangle with Kristen Stewart have curbed or stained the cordial relations that both maintain. Paparazzi have also taken pictures of actors, often sharing a walk together in the park or enjoying a drink in a bar. There were many fans who dreamed that, after filming the movie “The Proposal”, in 2009, Sandra and Ryan were also married in real life. However, these two great artists have always been united only by a strong friendship. They always go together and boast a mutual relationship, this great friendship is always perceived when Bullock or Reynolds attend the premiere of the other’s movie.

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