How to become a VIP: 5 tips to be a star

How to become a VIP: 5 tips to be a star 1

To become famous it is not enough to dream, to have an agent or a friend already known

Today there are many people who want to understand how to become a VIP without too much effort. To be a star (or almost) it is not enough to dream of becoming one, to have an agent, a manager, a driver, or a friend already known. Something more is needed, beyond the spotlight of the moment. To those who want to pursue an artistic career, the greats of the show always suggest to study, to base the professional path on the preparation. And to divide private life from public life. But is this true even today, for those who want to enter the magical world of VIPs at all costs

So how to become a VIP, or be a real star? It is becoming increasingly important to be able to distinguish between what it really takes to become authentic show business stars and what is enough to be simple shooting stars.


Don’t fool yourself that talent is enough to be a VIP. Surely an innate predisposition is needed, but without sacrifices in study and preparation, you probably won’t get far. If you are clear what your biggest passion is, what could make you a star (or almost) , invest in that. Seriously undertake a training course that will make you grow. Solid foundations, from this point of view, almost always equate to personal and professional satisfaction. Ah, a little luck obviously never hurts.


Having a personal story with iconic contents (that is, easily representable in the mind of the audience that follows you, as long as you don’t use it for speculative purposes can help you become a VIP. People tend to identify with some aspects of the personality of famous people, to associate the face of a VIP with the event of his life deemed salient. Vicki Gunvalson Admits She’s Not Sure About Her RHOC Return Either. We also say that it can help to become a star (or almost) to have a secret, to make it clear that it is there, but not to reveal it immediately. However being you is a good place to start. Over time you aim to be recognizable


When the audience feels cheated, or starts to hate you, or simply ignores you. This means being aware that becoming a VIP or real star is possible because there is always someone ready to follow you and support you. So it is important to make reasoned choices and establish what to share and with whom. In a sense, the use of social networks can be an opportunity, but also a disadvantage. It depends on which road you choose to go. Usually honesty and transparency always pay.


To comply with the first Nano Press tips on how to become a VIP, you cannot work alone. You need professional figures that will support you in many of your job choices. A good agent, for example, should assist you in recruiting job opportunities, while an equally capable manager would be ideal for the planned management of your image. The complicity of a good press office that draws attention to you could do the rest. With this in mind, television appearances need to be metered, remembering that an excessive presence on the small screen never goes too well, but also that for most of the public you don’t exist if you don’t go on television. But do it if you have something to say, beyond your sentimental or family quarrels.


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