Furniture for a private house

Furniture for a private house 1

The design of country houses in different variations of the country style, such as: “French country” (Provence), “Russian country”, “English country”, “Scandinavian country” and “American country”.

Country Style

If you are a happy owner of a country house and want to stylishly furnish it, you should know that the varieties of this particular interior design will allow you to make your house cozy and modern at the same time. Today, under the concept of “country house” is not what is meant 20 years ago. This is not only and not so much a garden. This is a place where a person wants to relax with his soul, in silence and in the closest proximity to nature.

However, proximity to nature does not negate the comfort that is so necessary for most. On the contrary – a good rest and getting pleasure is inextricably linked with the ability to use comfortable and beautiful furniture, not inferior to the one that is installed in city apartments. Country style can be described as “rustic”, which is why it is often used in the design of country houses. Various design options are named after the countries where their variations are used: “French country” (Provence), “Russian country”, “English country”, “Scandinavian country”, “American country”. All these styles are perfect for decorating a wooden house.

Beautiful France

Provence involves interior decoration in light (with the active use of white) colors. The use of natural materials (vine, wood, linen, cotton) makes the rooms look light and airy. At the same time, the Provence style categorically does not tolerate clutter; otherwise what airiness can we talk about?

A good solution for the design of the bedroom will be a double bed with a drawer, where during the day you can clean linen and things. Pay attention to models of white or cream color. It is important that the lifting mechanism is comfortable, because you have to use it every day.

To fully design a bedroom in the Provence style, you need to pick up a few more pieces of furniture of the same light color scheme. You will need banquets, a chest of drawers, a bedside table, a mirror. Everything is graceful, elegant, with flowing lines.

It is not necessary that all objects are pure white. On the contrary, this is undesirable; otherwise the interior will look “hospital”. For example, shades of brown (champagne-colored banquets, brown chest of drawers) will perfectly fit into the Provence. But still, the number of colors in such an interior should be minimal: two, maximum three and they cannot be flashy.

The Provence style kitchen is also decorated in light colors; the interior will be especially harmonious with a painted wooden floor. It is necessary to pick up a set of a dining table and chairs, designed in the same color scheme as the kitchen: a combination of white with delicate natural shades (blue, green, light brown).

Restrained England

The English country is characterized by an abundance of dark brown or dark red tones in the interior of the tree. At the same time, the rooms do not look gloomy, but restrained, stylish and majestic. The role of the central object in the bedroom is perfectly played by the Isott bed of the Factory, double, made in the noble shades of the old maple.

However, an excessive abundance of dark tones in the bedroom is not welcome. Here shades of brown, gray, yellow can be harmoniously combined. A chest of drawers and a cupboard made in the colors of wood will complement the interior.

An abundance of fabric is what is characteristic of this style; not only furniture can be upholstered with it, but even ceilings and walls. Furniture should be comfortable and upholstered with fabric trim. For example, the Alba 2 sofa bed can be installed both in the bedroom and in the living room. The decor uses many pillows of different sizes.

By countries and continents

A few words about other country-style interiors. The Scandinavian variety, like the English one, is characterized by an abundance of wood, but light tones and shades are used here.

American country is universal: the style accepts wood, stone, metal. Massive furniture and a variety of vibrant colors match this style. The main quality of all home decoration is convenience.

Russian country is created not so much by the selection of furniture as by the style of the details. A quilt, an abundance of pillows, embroidered tablecloths and pillowcases with ruffles, original curtains, wooden crafts – this is how a la ryus style is created. Such an interior does not require a lot of free space, here comfort comes first.

Modern, nature and harmony

However, country and Provence are not the only styles that can be used in the design of a country house. With the right design elements, Art Nouveau also looks very advantageous.

This style is for those who respect current trends. The restrained, often two-tone interior decoration does not at all contradict the riot of nature outside the window, on the contrary – these two elements successfully complement each other.

An elegant white eco-leather bed, a white bedside table with a minimal lamp and a white chest of drawers will look amazing against the background of black or dark gray walls, and the greenery of the garden will successfully set off this restraint.

Making out a country house, remember, the main thing that will make it truly comfortable and modern is a sense of proportion. Each thing should be in its place, each piece of furniture is selected harmoniously. Do not litter the space – then in the house, in whatever style it was designed, you can easily breathe.

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