These celebrities boosted in 2019

These celebrities boosted in 2019 1

As soon as Rutger Hauer was in the picture, you had to keep looking at him. According to director Paul Verhoeven, he was ‘a magnet on the screen’. Hauer, child of two theater educators, was raw and unpolished. Charismatic, rebellious, critical and above all sober. With more than a hundred films and series, he was the most successful Dutch actor abroad.

Hauer became known to a wide audience when he was given the lead role in the popular Floris series 50 years ago. He then broke through with ‘Turkish Fruit’ and conquered the rest of the world after ‘Soldier of Orange’. In the fall of his career he mainly played villain roles. “I am not afraid to find the dark sides in myself, unlike many American actors, Hauer said.

He collaborated with major stars such as Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sylvester Stallone, won a Golden Globe, two Golden Calves and a Rembrandt Award. He himself put his star status into perspective. ,, An actor is a channel. He eats things and chops them out. “” And: “I’ve been underrated all my life, and that’s fine. I can be a normal guy. He lived withdrawn in Friesland. In recent years he has become more publicized. Khloe Kardashian Closes Out 2019 With Adorable Photos And Videos Of True Thompson And Even Tristan! He founded a film school, wrote an autobiography and initiated a master class for young talents at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

In addition, he remained active for the Red Cross, Aidsfonds and Sea Sheperd and committed himself to AIDS orphans with his own Starfish Foundation. Hauer wanted to make a difference in the world. As a Sunday child, Lotte van der Zee had no lack of attention. The world smiled at her, and she smiled at the world. She was a cheerful, sparkling, radiant and social girl. “Always sweet,” her mother said. Her modeling career actually started as a joke. Without any experience, the 17-year-old from Enschede took part in the Miss Beauty Election in Over Ijssel. She was voted the most beautiful in her province. In one year she conquered the world, to the title ‘most beautiful teenager in the world’.

The final in Guatemala (2017) did not go smoothly. At the moment supreme she had lost the text of her speech. She asked her father on stage, and he gave her the push for the unexpected victory. A new world opened up for her. “I changed from the tough girl in the goal to a miss on the catwalk,” said Lotte himself.She committed herself to Stichting Haarwerken and became an ambassador for the Meldpunt Loverboy problem. She followed an MBO education as a beautician and regularly hid her blond curls in a goalkeeper helmet at the Enschede Hockey Association (EHV). During a winter sports holiday in Austria, she was hit by an acute cardiac arrest. Fellow model Joann van den Herik aptly described her. Lotte was a beautiful, sweet, spontaneous girl and made this hard world a lot nicer and cozier for me.


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