How to promote your content on social media

How to promote your content on social media 1

In Inbound Marketing there always comes a time when you find yourself asking questions about how to promote your content on social media and what are the best strategies to implement. This is because social media marketing is crucial for your business.  But it is no longer enough to land on social networks and wait, you have to be active and offer intelligent content that interests, attracts and, above all, informs.

Using a social network therefore means:

  • have a complete profile, full of information to be always reachable at all times , well-groomed also in the graphic aspect with significant and recognizable profile and profile photos;
  • updated and well-designed content for your audience;
  • Daily interactions with those who ask you questions, write you a message or a comment.

Having a profile on social networks implies a daily care so that the public perceives not only the fundamental aspect of the content, but also the commitment and seriousness with which you deal with it. And this is a cure-all for your company’s brand awareness. However, each social channel has its own language, ad hoc mechanisms and even precise times for the peak of attention and interactions. So worry about choosing the most suitable channels for your communication and then start posting taking into account the peculiarities of each of them.

In general, the mission is to create engagement with your content, whether it is on the social platform in use or shared by your website or your company blogEngagement means involvement, i.e. creating a real relationship with followers, taking care of them, in a certain sense, sharing what catches their attention and solves their problems. In addition, you must always be ready to receive comments and messages, responding promptly. The bonds thus built must then be maintained, always offering followers a reason to interact with your brand and talk about what concerns them.

What content to share

Suppose then that you have chosen the social platforms that are right for your company among Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+, just to mention the most popular. The first question to ask is: how is it published on social networks? The possibilities are different. You can choose to draw up an editorial plan prepared in advance, the contents of which can be what you have created on your company website or blog. Share the links that lead to these sources of information, being careful to have a preview photo not only captivating, but also in the right format.

You can also choose to create content that is made specifically for the platform, such as informative videos that are so popular on Facebook. But also interactive images: try for example to consider a gif, a particular format of moving images.

And here, then, there is a further, even more specific question: what should be published on social networks in order to have the greatest possible engagement? First of all, well-kept, well-written and information-rich texts that can be easily consulted by any device used by the user: PC, smartphone or tablet. Take care of the launch texts of your links, pay attention to the language you use. Good to be informal, but never throw it on the nice at the least opportune moments. The texts also include the comments and answers you give: always be professional and available, essential characteristics to promote your company on social networks.

If necessary, and with the help of industry experts, also evaluate the possibility of transforming your content into interactive graphic objects such as videos or info graphics. Therefore, make videos that present the business or some aspects of it, show the behind the scenes of your work if you deem it appropriate and promote your company policy with the right tones. A separate discussion for info graphics: make sure they are beautiful, professional, but with a captivating touch. Adele Accused Of Looking Too Skinny In New Social Media Posts. In conclusion, whatever medium you choose, the underlying message must always be clear. If this message is also nice to see, well, it is a great advantage that should never be underestimated.

One of the most important secrets of how to promote your content on social media lies in the small details: make sure that there is always news or topics to share and that all those who choose to follow you on social networks have a valid reason to do it. Give your followers news preview, exclusive offers, and details hidden from most. In short, create a community around your brand and give this group privileged access to your business: you won’t regret it.

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