Harvey Weinstein, the process begins: everything you need to know

Harvey Weinstein, the process begins: everything you need to know 1

Judgment day. If it were his film, this would have been the title. Because finally the long-awaited day has arrived when Harvey Weinstein, the most powerful former film producer in the world, will sit on the dock. In New York, in fact, the rape trial that concerns him begins. Two years after the journalistic investigations that revealed the sexual abuse and harassment to which the actresses subjected. And that led to the birth of the metoo and Time’s up movements.

Harvey Weinstein is now the Hollywood monster. The baddest villain any writer could describe in a thriller. Over 80 women in these years have come forward to denounce his attacks, his predatory tactics. There are ongoing investigations in London and Los Angeles. But New York has gone one step further.  This case is important because it is the first. Because he is the only one who sees Harvey Weinstein as defendant. Thus allowing many women who claim to have been his victims to see him tried for what he did, explains Gloria Allred, the lawyer for many victims, speaking with us today.

Times and accusations

The trial against Harvey Weinstein begins January 6, 2020. The former film producer has to answer for 5 indictments, all for sexual crimes. Among these, the most serious are rape and sexual assault against two women (not yet identified) for two distinct episodes that occurred in 2006 and 2013. The verdict should be within two months. The New York prosecutor made the charges by adding the word “predator”, which, in legal terms, turns out to be an aggravating circumstance. And therefore lead, in case of conviction, to a heavier penalty.

The jury

Harvey Weinstein’s Legal Team Asks Why Women Continued To Contact Him. The first act, explains Usa Today, will be to choose the jury. Among the protests of Harvey Weinstein’s legal team, led by a woman, the lawyer Donna Rotunno. They claim, in fact, that the popular jury is somehow already conditioned by the press campaign against their client and therefore not impartial. That’s why they asked that the trial be moved away from Manhattan. Everything useless. In fact, the judge pointed out that in New Jersey, Connecticut or Washington, everyone had access to the same newspapers! But last August he decided to hold a preliminary hearing behind closed doors – where some evidence was presented – so as not to leak the details and thus condition the future jury.

The testimony against Harvey Weinstein

There is much anticipation to see who will testify against Harvey Weinstein. The two women who reported him, and who are behind the 5 charges, are said to sit next to the judge to tell their truth. But the Manhattan prosecutor’s office has some surprises in store. That is, other women who have publicly denounced Weinstein’s tactics and who will be called as witnesses. Among them, the name of the actress Annabella Sciorra stands out. Which claims to have been raped by the former film producer in his apartment between 1993 and 1994. His case was too old to be worth a trial: the crime was time-barred. But, according to the substitute Manhattan prosecutor, his story serves to demonstrate the defendant’s serial behavior.

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