Do you regularly suffer from Stress?

Do you regularly suffer from Stress? 1

Do you regularly suffer from stress? Recognize the signals to yourself and learn to relax. Go for a nice exercise or do relaxation exercises. And maybe mindfulness training is for you. To reduce stress, it is good to know how you respond to stress. Find out if you are suffering from:

So we have big plans, but before we reach all our goals, we have to find a solution to a number of major challenges. How do we keep the heart well out of the body for a long time? What is the best blood-like fluid to pump the heart around? And how do we manage that the heart muscle will start beating like new again. You can also notice stress by emotions or behavior:

  • you get angry or get frustrated faster
  • You’re frightened or nervous faster
  • you avoid certain situations or withdraw yourself

Do you recognize these signals? Then take action. View the tips to relax or seek professional help. Nature is an ideal environment to get in balance. Beter in het Groen offers activities to move around and relax in a green environment. Think of walking coaching, yoga lessons on the beach or sessions for personal development. Interested in mindfulness? In the online stress training of Harteraad you will find the module about mindfulness.

Notice that you have been around for a long time: With this kind of chronic complaints it is wise to seek help. Your doctor can refer you to a psychologist.

If it is possible to keep the heart well for several days outside the body, new possibilities arise for repairing the heart. Cardiologist Pieter Defendants of the UMCU Utrecht explains why research into this is important for people with heart failure.

“As a cardiologist I speak to many people with a serious form of heart failure. Their heart is no longer pumping powerfully enough. They can hardly do anything anymore; getting dressed is too much everyone. Really new techniques are needed to help these people. We are exploring a whole new direction. How can we repair the heart outside the body while the patient is on a heart-lung machine? Teresa Giudice Reunites with Her Father Giacinto Gorga. One advantage is that you can then give large amounts of medication, without side effects to the rest of the body. You can easily reach it, so you can see quickly and well what effect a treatment has. ”

“Before we can repair the heart outside the body, we must first be able to keep the heart in good condition for a longer period of time, separate from the body. We can now manage 6 to 8 hours, but that is too short to really restore the heart. Our first goal is to keep the heart good for 24 hours. Then we want to go to a week. We are developing a system in which we connect the heart to all kinds of tubes. In the system, the heart is constantly pumping blood-like fluid. The heartbeat start signal comes from the heart itself, so a heart can beat independently.”

“Once we manage to maintain the heart for a long time in such an arrangement, we will test new techniques to improve the pumping power of the heart. This is important for people with heart failure. There are several reasons why their heart is less works well, which is why we are also investigating several methods for repairing the heart. “

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