Why millions of people play Pokémon GO three years after its release

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The popular application for mobile devices keeps its attraction power intact

It’s been three years since one of the biggest social phenomena linked to technology took place in half-world smartphones, Pokémon GO. Few video games are able to stay alive for so long, especially now that the interactive entertainment industry is constantly changing, an evolution where the saturation of supply leads to a constant change of trends. Not so with the app of The Pokémon Company and the American developer Niantic, that last August signed its fifth best historical year with Pokémon GO since the original launch in summer 2016.

According to estimates from the consultant Sensor Tower , an estimated 110 million dollars billed only last August; about 3.5 million dollars a day. The growth compared to August 2018 is 44%. It’s not just that Pokémon GO is still alive, it’s that it is more than ever. The question that many are asking now is why.

Niantic never thought that Pokémon GO was going to become what it is today. Having the opportunity to work on a mobile video game based on the brand with the greatest commercial power in the history of entertainment is something that has already been difficult for them to assimilate, but what they are clear about is that this type of thing happens once in the life and that, therefore, cannot allow it to wobble in any way. We want Pokémon GO to last forever,” adds Beuttenmüller. “We are constantly thinking about how to get the most out of the latest technology and continue to evolve the game around the world,” he emphasizes. In most cases success comes with experiments and Final Fantasy VII Remake Data Mine Leak Reveals The Game’s List of Weapons and Abilities. This September a new wave of creatures has arrived, the fifth generation of the saga, which in total has 156 species from the White Edition and Black Edition Pokémon (2010, Nintendo DS). Although only a few are available now, from time to time more will arrive, a periodicity calculated to the millimeter so as not to saturate the user; but neither give a sense of immobility.

Listening to the community is one of the backbone of the success of Pokémon GO, assumes Niantic. “They mean a lot to us. We try to pay close attention and collect all the feedback they send us to offer the best possible experience for new features, updates, events. The connection problems are possibly the great Achilles tendon of the game. Occasionally there are problems to play, claim rewards or participate in some raids cooperative fighting where a group of people face together a creature of great power.

It is striking and at the same time particular that, in all those raids that are held in thousands of public spaces every day, most people are over the age of thirty and even forty years. Those who carry two or three phones in their hands, each with a different user account, are not usually children, which at first sight aims to be the main audience to which Pokémon GO is aimed ; But this social phenomenon does not understand ages, cultures or gender, it is an international language that is very easy to get used to and with enormous communicative power.

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