PlayStation 5 arrives at the end of 2020


Technological advances will reduce the loading and development times of video games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed new details about the PlayStation5. The Japanese company will bet on the technological vanguard in a PS5 that will reach everyone at Christmas 2020. The American medium has had exclusive access to the first contact with PlayStation 5, a session where they have been accompanied by Marcy Cerny and Jim Ryan, principal architect of the console and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, respectively. The first of them already anticipated last April that the console would use an SSD storage memory and that they would take advantage of ray-tracing technology (ray tracing) with GPU acceleration, which allows real-time deduction of the recurrence location of light to ensure that reflections and light effects are accurate and realistic.

The company neglects traditional hard drives and will incorporate an SSD (solid state drive), which will favor the loading and development times of videogames ” dramatically reduced “, according to those who have already had access to the kits of console development. Efficiency in the use of data is a mandatory element if you want to move forward in this regard.

Cerny gives as an example the successful Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, whose content was duplicated up to 400 times to be able to search for data faster, this resulted in many residual data housed in the optical units and the weight of the digital file. Thanks to the SSD memory, these heavy files will be deleted and a lot of space will be saved, which can be used by development studios to add more content or offer more realistic graphic details. Due to this immense development the sales went higher and higher and we have seen this happening with The Witcher Books Sold out Immediately Following the Release of Netflix Show’s First Season. All was about the name sold itself. Regarding game discs because PlayStation 5 will not dispense with video games in traditional physical format, they will be 100GB optical drives accompanied by a 4K UHD Blu-ray reader in the console. What does not change with respect to PS4 is that the installations of the games will be mandatory in the system due to the difference in speed between optical discs and an SSD, but now the facilities will be customized. The player will choose if he wants to install the game in full or if, on the contrary, he prefers only the multiplayer mode or the individual campaign. When one is finished it will be possible to erase that portion and install the other, all at the user’s choice. A modular option to save time and space. “Instead of treating games like huge blocks of data, we will allow more granular access to that data,”

Visual language will be essential for communication with the player to flow smoothly. The UX / UI design department of Sony is working on the best system interface they have offered to date, so PS5 will offer a renewed interface compared to PS4. Games will start much faster, but now more title information will be offered before starting the application. The servers of each video game will offer from the console menu the activities that are taking place in multiplayer modes (challenges, challenges, rewards without the need to enter the game, navigate through the menus, and wait for loading screens …

“We don’t want players to start the game, go see what is happening, start the game again, see what is happening, adds the creative. All those details will be displayed with messages and notifications from the start menu itself.

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