Fulminate Your Rival Dressed As Louis Vuitton

Fulminate Your Rival Dressed As Louis Vuitton

The Unstoppable Commitment of Luxury Firms for Video Games

A set signed by Louis Vuitton for just over ten euros seems impossible. However, it is now possible, at least in the virtual world. The French mason has become the last firm to bet on blurring the lines between luxury and e-sports thanks to its collaboration with one of the most popular phenomena worldwide, League of Legends. On the occasion of the World Cup of this online combat game combining the strategy in real time with elements of the role, the firm was responsible for manufacturing the trunk of the champion’s trophy and designing a capsule collection of clothing and digital leather goods for the game’s characters. Louis Vuitton thus joins other houses like Moschino when it comes to demonstrating the increasingly evident attention of luxury to gamer culture.

With a base of 80 million players and more than 1.2 billion euros of revenue earned in 2018, the popularly known as LOL has been acclaimed for a decade as the hegemonic PC game for a whole generation. But not a single penny of those dizzy figures comes from the purchase of the game itself, which is free to access, but by the acquisition of extras and accessories that have become the most lucrative business in the sector. Those that have to do with the visual aspect of our character (physical and clothing) are called skins and, from now on, those designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of the Louis Vuitton women’s fashion line, will also be available. A Quebec Author Has Been Officially Charged Due To Creative Works; Prosecution Could Change The Game Industry. As if it were the most sought-after stylists in Hollywood, the players are determined to make their virtual selves look even better than them.

That our character wears a certain skin is a matter of status. As in the real world we admire who is impeccably dressed, with a skin they get the admiration of the other players,”says Angel Luis Sub cases, narrative director of the video game company Tequila Works. Sub cases argues that not only is fashion gaining more and more strength in video games, but nowadays, the monetization of these extras represents up to 70% of revenues in a sector valued at 120,000 million euros. “There are people who spend hundreds of thousands of euros on this type of clothing or cosmetics,” he adds.

The final of the World League of Legends , held last November 10 in Paris ( last year took place in Madrid ) and was even broadcast live in a score of Spanish cinemas, revealed the appearance of the trunk created by Louis Vuitton for the Summoner’s Cup, name of the trophy. The event it was enlivened by True Damage, a virtual music group that real artists like Becky G or Keke Palmer put to voice, and who also wore styling created by the firm’s creative director. “The cuts, the prints, all this has been provided by Vuitton. It has been dream collaboration. In the worst scenario we would have put the logo and point, as they do with racing cars. But they approached us and everything went great,”confessed in The Washington Post Seth Haak, head of skins art of the game.

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