From the video game to ‘apartheid’, passing through Mars, at the CCCB

video game to 'apartheid', passing through Mars

The same as the parents’ DNA forever marks their descendants, no matter how superficial it may not seem; Cultural centers inherit from their ideologues how to approach, understand and explain the world around them. This is what happens to the CCCB born in 1994 of the initiative of a group of intellectuals, with the philosopher Josep Ramonedaat the head, with the idea of ​​reflecting on the city and its problems, be it Barcelona or any city on the planet. With its inauguration, the House of Charity created in 1802 was reborn as a hospice of charity in which the most disadvantaged were welcomed. Things have changed but the DNA of the Casa de la Caritat-CCCB is still giving birth to the many problems that affect and concern society today. This has been the case during the 25 years of life, although in some stages it has been diluted. As of multi-dimensional games such as Commandos or Infinity Ward Director Reveals Multiplayer Changes That Are Coming To Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Carrera and his team: especially the newly incorporated Jordi Costa, head of Exhibitions; Elisabet Goula, head of Debates and Susana Arias, head of Mediation, have scheduled an upcoming season as attractive as risky, focused, once again, on that cocktail that works so well for them in which they show, present and generate debate and opinion. “At a time marked by the malaise generated by globalization and the financial crisis, with more unequal, more plural societies, in which there is an increase in the extreme right, the institution must aspire to act as a bridge, to be a crossroads of worlds “, Explained the director yesterday, who stressed that the 2020 lines are” imagine, invent and show the future.

It will be followed by another walk through one of the most unfortunate moments in the history of man, the apartheid that lived South Africa until 1994, together with one of the artists who has denounced it most. The exhibition William Kent ridge: the shadows and power (June-November) reviews his multidisciplinary work with uncomfortable questions about post colonialism. His work could be seen on the Macba in 1999, but now, for the first time, the complete series of Drawings for Projection drawings is exhibited , a chronic critique of South Africa’s history since apartheid. The world premiere of the eleventh piece of more sweetly play the dance will also be presented, a frieze in motion, such as the shadow theater, mixture of ritual procession and refugee flow escaping from a crisis.

The third trip raised by the CCCB is interplanetary. It’s about Mars. The red mirror (November 2020-April 2021) curated by Juan Insula that makes a tour of this planet from mythology to the fear of the Martian invasion to end the condition of the future of man if this species persists in its efforts to End your own planet. For all this and the many activities that have been programmed – the analysis of the protests that are taking place in the world, the rise of the extreme right and authoritarianism and climate change -, Carrera and his team have 11.6 million euros (4.7% more than in 2019).

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