The Room Beneath My Roof: 6 Useful Rooms You Can Create Out of Your Attic!

The Room Beneath My Roof: 6 Useful Rooms You Can Create Out of Your Attic! 1

Some houses have attics but some have none. The attic is an optional part of the house actually. While there are people who think that having an attic at home is cool, some consider it unproductive and not so helpful because it typically serves as a storage room of unused things and stuff you’re hesitant to throw away. Most of the time, there are trash you have not thrown away placed in the attic.

If you have an attic at home, you can actively make use of it. You just need to do some cleaning, remodeling and some renovations, if any, to transform your attic into a more meaningful space. You can ask your interior designer and/or custom home builder to assist you with your decisions regarding your attic’s makeover.

To give you ideas, below is a list of 6 useful rooms you can create out of your attic.


The Room Beneath My Roof: 6 Useful Rooms You Can Create Out of Your Attic! 2

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Tired of a dim-lit room where you receive little to no ray of sunshine? Good news! You can move to the attic and make it your new bedroom! It’s up to you if you will fill it with colorful bedsheets and decorations to make it look less like an attic, or if you will maintain the clear, minimal look, so you can highlight the allure of attic bedrooms!

If you paint your attic white, your bedroom will look wider, especially when the sunlight brightens it up early in the morning. The sun rays striking through the windows on your attic will quietly and nicely wake you up even without an alarm clock, and nothing’s better than that!

What’s more, when you have your bedroom up there, no one’s going to distract and disturb you. It’s a space where you can have your own privacy. Since there are no rooms beside it, you need not worry that other people in the house will make noise that will annoy you and the other way around.


The Room Beneath My Roof: 6 Useful Rooms You Can Create Out of Your Attic! 3

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Many people have done this because it’s really convenient, especially if you have tons of clothes, shoes and accessories. When your closet in your bedroom is not enough to store them all, go to your attic, and make it your walk-in closet.

Having this makes your house more sophisticated. Of course, you become more organized because you have all your clothes in just one room together with your footwear and other stuff you wear. You have designated racks, drawers, organizers, boxes and cabinets for all your items, so you can keep everything neat and orderly. Bag rack fitouts Sunshine Coast provides library fit-out solutions.

You will not have a very difficult time looking for and arranging your stuff. They will not be mixed with other materials too, thus, you can avoid losing and misplacing some of your things. You can set your clothes according to colors, fabric, events they’re used for and so on and so forth. You can have big shelves and long clotheslines because you can have a bigger space for your garments when you have a walk-in closet through your attic!


The Room Beneath My Roof: 6 Useful Rooms You Can Create Out of Your Attic! 2

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When you have kids at home, you want to give them the best environment — safe, healthy and happy! You want them to grow and develop well even while still and while just staying inside your house. Allotting a part of your house for the kids’ playroom would certainly be lovely, and you can have it in your attic!

First of all, it is highly beneficial since kids get to have their own space for fun, enjoyment and learning while not breaking anything or slipping somewhere just like what could happen when they keep playing around the living room or the dining area. Having an attic playroom makes them have their own world where all things are theirs, and their favorite toys are there. It’s safer because you are sure that only their belongings are placed in that room, thus, no harmful object can be ever found.

Second, it is a great way to be used as an educational room for kids since it could be like an area where they can learn shapes, colors, writing, reading and many more! You can use this playroom as a mini school for them. With a whiteboard on the wall and comfortable mats and mini sofas on the floor, they can be at ease while discovering, exploring and knowing about themselves.


The Room Beneath My Roof: 6 Useful Rooms You Can Create Out of Your Attic! 5

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If you take pleasure in visual arts like painting, drawing and sculpting, the attic is the perfect area in your house where you can practice and perform those art processes and produce your amazing masterpieces.

It’s simply perfect because natural lighting is the best kind of lighting, and your attic provides it without hassle! Moreover, it’s a charming spot to take photos of your art pieces. Well, if the art form you are in is photography, your attic art room is going to be your go-to for whatever reason and season.


The Room Beneath My Roof: 6 Useful Rooms You Can Create Out of Your Attic! 6

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A haven of book lovers, an attic mini library is excellent for the peace, quietness and seclusion you need. You can finally organize the books you bought but have not yet read! You can arrange them in your built-in attic bookshelves, so they are easier to find.

No need for you to go to public libraries when the books you love reading are already in your bookshelf at home. Actually, when you go to such places, sometimes, you are distracted because people are around you. You might feel more comfortable and calm when you are enjoying reading alone. Having a library born out of your useless attic is going to be an exemplary decision to make!


The Room Beneath My Roof: 6 Useful Rooms You Can Create Out of Your Attic! 7

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When every area in the house is filled with people, filled with stress and filled with things you don’t want to see and situations you don’t want to be in, the attic could be your refuge. It could be your port in a storm by making it simply a place of relaxation.

When you feel distressed and burned out, it could be the place where you can be alone and can unwind even without leaving the house. A mini television, some pillows, bean bags and some basket of snacks will do. It could be just a place of reflection for you when everywhere else seems noisy and chaotic.



The attic can become useless when you just leave it merely like that and treat it as a storage room of things that are also useless. It can actually be a significant part of your house, so take good advantage of it. There are many ways you can make it meaningful and purposeful. Mix your creative ideas and personal interests plus think about the convenience and comfort you want to get from it too.

The room beneath your roof isn’t any kind of room. Maximize and value it.

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