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One of the main problems that every owner of a blog or website suffers is the lack of visitors .

Time passes and, after so much effort and expectations … the only ones who visit it are your friends and family . You convince yourself that the Internet is not for your company or business, that your online market is small … in short, you will look for thousands of reasons not to admit the harsh reality: that you have no idea how to generate new visitors.

Why don’t I have new visits?

The main reason why Spanish and Latin American companies do not have visitors on their website or blog is very simple: because they do not know their audience or, rather, their customers .

Suppose you have a modern, responsive website (that adapts to any screen), with a blog since, as they told you, the only way to position on Google is through content generation.

But … after several months, daily visits are clinging to simple double-digit figures only, perpetually refusing growth. You regularly upload news of your company, your new products and promotions on the blog. ¿ What is doing wrong , that visitors do not deign to arrive? It is precisely the type of content it is generating .

In this era of Online Humanism , the fact that it has launched a new product or that your company has two new employees, matters to both its visitors, and the current climate at the top of the Himalayas.

His current client, whatever his business, is only interested in himself and his own self . Today we have a problem and we look for it immediately on our cell phone. We want to see a chapter of our favorite series and we don’t have to wait for it to be repeated on television: we look for it on the Internet, at that precise moment. Any doubt, question or need we have, we turn it into this virtual oracle called Google .

Thanks to mobile phones and tablets, with its plasticity in providing Internet access from anywhere, we are all day connected to this great source of information that Google organizes us .

We must add to this the fact that at this time, nobody has time to lose. We are increasingly cornered by these 24-hour limitations that do not give us space to do everything we want.

Then, I ask you: Why do you think your potential customers will stop your life to read the “great news” that your company has new products to sell or that you have added new employees?

I, current Internet user, worthy representative of Online Humanism, I care about my problems and I want to solve them now . Not because I am a capricious only child: but because Google made me that way!

How much does a window come out? I go to Google: “window prices” or “how much a window costs”.
Is it difficult to install a window? Again, I go to Google or YouTube: “how to install a window” or “how to place a window” or “how difficult it is to install a window”.
Once I answered my doubts and questions … comes the closure, which I also do on Google: “where to buy windows” or “companies that sell windows” or, being a little more specific after everything I learned with Google, “buy aluminum windows”.

The most efficient way to get new visits to your website or your blog, is simply solving the questions, doubts and problems that your customers have. It’s that easy! The complex thing is to be in the first promotions of the oracle of our era.

If you don’t start answering your clients’ questions right now … Someone will!

How to increase visits to your website or blog

As we have mentioned previously, it is achieved through Inbound Maketing , which consists of solving the problems, doubts and needs that your clients have, in order to attract them to your website .

There is no other way than to get to work and  meet your ideal client , know what problems you suffer, what doubts you have about your products or services and how you behave on the Internet.

Let’s go back to your website or blog. Suppose that now its contents, focus on solving these problems, doubts and queries that your customers have.

Someone compares the two main brands of his line: «which brand is better MARK 1 or MARK 2». Another query with what materials is manufactured certain product you offer. Another one, the price of said product. Anyone else have doubts about how to install it.

If you create all these articles in your blog, appearing in the top positions of Google for each of them … where do you think these beings shaped by Online Humanism will go, eager for answers and help to YOUR problems and YOUR needs?

At this point in the article, it will be logical for you to increase your visitors , right? Now, I ask you: when buying these products … where do you think these visitors will always need solutions?

Maybe you are wondering … Why do I work so much? Why don’t I pay to have visitors and go?

What if I invest in Online Advertising to attract visitors?

Yes, you can also pay for visitors doing online advertising … but remember that the moment you stop paying, you will run out of visits .

In addition, something IMPORTANT to keep in mind, visitors who come from Inbound Marketing generally have a higher conversion than those who come from online advertising. By higher conversion, I mean that they are more predisposed to buy or perform the action you want within your website (your Objective), since they alone entered our site, we have not “tempted” or induced them.

This does not mean that advertising should not be done, but simply that you should not put all the eggs in this basket, as I said, if the money is cut, the visitors are also cut. On the other hand, if you create an article that solves a problem or answers a question … it will be constantly generating visitors, free of charge and, if you do a good job of Online Marketing, it will be strengthened over time and month to month will generate More visitors

With online advertising you have instant results, although ephemeral: stop paying, and disappear. With Inbound Marketing the results take time to see, but the results are perennial and, like a good wine, improve over time.

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